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Technical Information

This section gives basic information on MILITEC-1 including what it is, how it works, and various test results.


DESCRIPTION: MILITEC-1 is a chemically reacted synthetic hydrocarbon metal conditioner that protects metal with a constant non-oily molecular bond. MILITEC-1 has a flash point of 410°F, pour point of 45°F, and autoignition temperature of 715°F, and a viscosity equal to SAE 10 weight oil. MILITEC-1 contains no solids, PTFE, solvents, metals, viscosity enhancers, chlorinated paraffin's or other harmful ingredients. MILITEC-1 is non-hazardous, non toxic, non-combustible, and is approved environmentally for U.S. Navy submarine use.

HOW IT WORKS: Protects metal surfaces with a constant impregnated molecular bond of synthetic hydrocarbons, MILITEC-1 will not change the tolerances inside of an engine, transmission, gear box, compressor, finely machined parts, weapons, and other equipment.

APPLICATION OF PRODUCT: MILITEC-1 does not have to be shaken before use, the equipment does not have to be running when MILITEC-1 is applied, and MILITEC-1 is not lost when the oil is drained. MILITEC-1 does not have to be used every time the oil is changed. Only 2 oz. maximum of MILITEC-1 per quart of oil every 15,000 miles in engines, and 30,000 miles in sealed units (e.g. transmissions, gearboxes), automatic transmission 4oz. is all that is required regardless of oil changes. No special directions are required on when to use MILITEC-1. It can be applied anytime. MILITEC-1 does not thicken or thin the oil and can be used in a broad range of synthetic oils, petroleum oils, mineral oils, greases, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, two cycle oils and other special lubricants.

USES OF PRODUCT: MILITEC-1 can be used in new and used gasoline and diesel engines, gear boxes, differentials, power steering, pumps, transmissions, compressors, weapons, and two cycle engines.

LIMITATIONS: Not applicable for brake fluid and is not F.A.A. certified.

APPROVALS AND CUSTOMERS: MILITEC-1 is the only product of its kind that has been approved by several U.S. Government Agencies and carries U.S. Government National Stock Numbers (NSN's). MILITEC-1 is being used by a number of large corporations and such as DuPont, General Motors, General Dynamics, Mack Truck, as well as other large and small companies and high technology user groups.

MARKET SEGMENTS: Automotive, High Performance Racing, Transmission, Marine, Government, Industrial, Commercial, and Weapons

Analysis of MILITEC-1 vs. U.S. Retail Additive Products:

One very significant distinction between MILITEC-1 products and "additive" products is that MILITEC-1 uses advanced unique synthetic hydrocarbon technology that is not used by other companies. Other products lack very important features that basically rule out their use in the commercial and industrial markets. MILITEC-1 products are made using a sophisticated chemical reactor process that creates a tightly integrated synthetic molecular structure in comparison to the blends of chemicals compounds that others use. These product blends use substances such as PTFE, lead, sulfur, graphite, molybdenum, copper, micro metal particles, phosphorus, chlorinated paraffin and fluorine compounds, all of which can have detrimental side effects with repeated use.

Need For Independent Documentation:

These other products have too many restrictions on where to use, how much to use, when to use, and the independent documentation necessary to support those products far reaching claims are non-existent. These products may have attractive brochures and appealing packaging, but there are no government agencies or large corporations who will approve the use of the products and verify they are safe and effective over time. When people ask what is the difference between MILITEC-1 products and these other products, they are told to read the documentation and approvals on MILITEC-1 products and the documentation of other products. They are shown a table full of independently documented data on MILITEC-1 while the other companies will try to tell them that independent documentation and government approvals are not important.

SAFETY: Solvents and By-products

In these situations, it is also helpful when the prospective customer is shown MILITEC-1 Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) which shows a high flash point and a safe product. The MSDS’s of the competition usually shows a low flash point indicating the presence of a solvent. Because these products are not of high enough quality to be accepted by the large industrial companies and the government, the MSDS’s are, in some cases, not fully communicating the components or their effects or they are not made available.

Militec-1: Technological Overview

MILITEC-1 increases the lubricity of the surface of a metal by forming a constant synthetic molecular bond that increases the stiffness of the metal, without affecting the shear or tensile strength or tolerances of metal. This synthetic molecular bond impregnates the metallic structure inside the micropores of the metal resulting in a dry constant lubricated corrosion resistant metal.

Performance - Tests have shown that MILITEC-1 increased brake horsepower in engines by as much as 61/2 % and torque by 5.7%. Similar results have been documented in electric motors. A beneficial side-effect of improved performance is reduction in harmful exhaust emissions of 50% or more in engines.

Efficiency - A reduction of friction reduces "drag" in an engine or gearbox. Approximately 60% of the power produced in an engine is used to overcome the drag in the pistons and other moving parts, leaving just 40% of the power to propel the machine.

Longevity - Because MILITEC-1 is adsorbed into the metal, its beneficial effects are present over a long period of time whether the primary lubricant is contaminated or lost in a catastrophic accident. MILITEC-1 continues to work even if the oil is changed, contaminated, or the fluid is lost.


The Material Science Laboratory of the University of Florida conducted several comparisons of metal surfaces with and without MILITEC-1 treatment. Those comparisons verified that MILITEC-1 increases the stiffness of metal surfaces and decreases the attraction of water, which can produce rust and corrosion. (See "Technical Bulletin" in the Supporting Documents.)

Stiffness - This test was conducted using Atomic Force Microscopy(or Scanning Probe Microscopy). The test was designed to measure the stiffness of the metal surface, not the hardness of the metal itself.

Atomic Force Microscopy uses a very thin needle which is pressed against the surface of the metal to be tested.( The needle is 400 Angstroms in diameter or .04 microns; the human hair is 20-30 microns in diameter.)

The Atomic Force Microscopy test produced this finding:
"The lowest recorded stiffness of the MILITEC-1 treated metal surface 16.8 times greater than the lowest recorded stiffness of the untreated metal surface."

Corrosion Resistance - This infrared spectroscopy test was performed using an IR Nicolet Magna Spectrometer Model 750. The metal surface to be tested had been treated with MILITEC-1 and then exposed to the atmosphere for months.

The spectrometer analysis demonstrated that "the treated metal show[ed] very minimal presence of water." MILITEC-1 "affected the metal surface so that water is not readily attracted." Water on bare metal surfaces will produce corrosion. Therefore, treated metal that dose not attract or hold water will resist corrosion.

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